4 thoughts on “Fluid

    • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell (giggles)…
      I can’t get my thoughts to you in order, so I’ll just let them fly. If it’s mush, I can clarify later!
      I can’t get the camera to hold black and white, so that I can play only with such images. I never got to play with black and white film, when I had a film camera.
      As I am playing with my images, I am noting the same fluidity of color(or lack of, due to the black and white) in the living and even how life is expressed in a differing way with the light and shadow, in the non-living–I’m not sure that I find things non-living, but that’s another blog.

      I’ve always been interested in Ansel Adams, and I am currently reading his autobiography. Normally, I do not try to follow a method or a teaching, but some of his thoughts and techniques and those of the people close to him DO appear to be similar to my own. This is by accident. I don’t find myself to have any technique. I think though that my eye just does things or likes things in a certain way, expression, or pattern and it seems that this pattern that is of nature to me in preference, mimics attempted technique in others. I seek to explore it more. The way I am absorbing the information this time doesn’t have me feel pushed nor confused, so I am going with it. Sometimes being teachable, for me, is grating. Other times I have found it SO grating, that I forget the joy of the better sort. Perhaps this is the way to clear out some negative connotations and replace the repertoire with some new thinks!

      The last answer: I don’t know, I’m doing Ansel Adams and I wanted to see what my own images looked like as bw. The tree place center, where I take most of my winter images was sheared down, clear cut. I might now have a new technique with which to play with winter light, to keep me busy till Spring.


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