And I Get Up

Purple Profundity

and i get up
i make the tea

and i move
I read–mail, blogs, articles

and I ponder
are you okay

and I listen
who is in need, who is pleased, who is in fear

and I fly
outward in a ripple
answering the call

and I swallow
the tea

and I breathe
my edges back to me

and I consider
the cat, the baby beets

and I imagine
their tiny roots stretching, like that cat
through the soil, searching
made for grounding

and I get up

–elisabeth connelley

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Amends, Thinking About Lessons, and To Whom It May Concern

I often fail to see the Grace in a thing
until after, sometimes still, long after.

I often fail to express the Grace in a thing
my heart and my mind just cannot pin it down, with words that carry my meaning.

I grieve to think
that my lack somehow, has not taught you to notice nor to feel Grace.

I smile to think
of the many times that I fell down and then I got back up, to feel Grace myself.

I cry a little
to think of the bumps and mistakes that you will have to make, from which I failed to save you.

I grin a little
to know that I would make such a glaring mistake, and keep you from your own Grace.

I watch, and I wait, and I hope for you a life of joy, of peace, and of a love that truly suits you.
With all of my being.