6 thoughts on “Some Internal Precipice

    • Thank you! I know photography doesn’t seem to be your favorite thing. I thought, perhaps, you were simply being nice and supportive. Do you really like the black and whites that much?!? I am unsure about the mood thing. I am working on them and then rather leaving them sit to go back to them. I probably won’t do any today. Kids are away, I did farmer’s market, swept and mopped kitchen floor after going out to shop for a bucket. I found some red bowls that scream comfort and heat at me but….they are 4 each….do I have 16 dollars to waste spare? lol I left without said bowls. I will visit them. That got me onto cleaning out cupboards and things…I’ll feel productive once I am done. Hope you are having a good day too.


      • I don’t know how to describe it. I have no interest in photography at all lots of the time. Yet, when suddenly–in the moment–a photo appears it’s like the most lovely thing in the Universe, sometimes. Or suddenly there’s a desire to reach for the camera and then everyone thinks I’m in love with photography because it’s the only thing in the world. I’m in love with what’s before me. And that confuses people, especially my family, because they think that such enthusiasm means forevermore.

        How interesting that bowls-not-chosen could inspire you so much. Would you like $16? I could send it to you. Just a thought.


        • If that was inappropriate to offer to pay for the bowls, tell me so! Have been thinking in terms of blessings & good deeds all week and am about to send out some dollars to war-torn countries. But my heart would smile to send money for bowls. Feel free to delete this comment if you would like.


        • Nooooooooooo, I’m going to use if for the repeated bursts of creative oomph and desire to gain what I really want, that same feeling the bowls provide 😀
          I’m weird I guess! It makes me very happy that you would think of me in this way. I am smiling MORE now about the cleaning ty!


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