4 thoughts on “Still Love, Banged Up

    • Yes thank you, I think I am okay. I haven’t felt my best, and then I decided to read Ansel Adams to keep me feeling the life and the newness of doing, creating , and learning. Normally I HATE autobiographies but this is FULL of people, places, and things that I love. I am glad for the quite outer appreciation while my insides are gleefully and gratefully fed. I have been attempting to put things where I wish to have them between my blogs and to play with a way to keep track of the brain tangents that I take when learning. It’s been keeping me busy at those places. I also started a garden blog, to help me to track what I do and when. It only makes it look like I am stuck, broken, slacking, visiting tahiti 😀 I have also been looking at houses in Highland Park, though I need someone who lives in Michigan to tell me where things are, good things, bad things, travel times, ect. Thanks for stopping by and checking in, it’s nice.


      • Thanks for the update. You’re looking at houses in Highland Park, Michigan? Are you thinking of moving there? Any particular reason? OK, we’re going up to Houghton for our weekly shopping trip and dinner out.


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