The 10,000 Things

Thanks to Robin for this! I dislike gratitude lists, the words make my face do the meh meh I’m not going to eat my broccoli thing! I like the 10,000 things to notice and to enjoy. I DO those. Therefore I Have my list and I DO practice, woot! Those old ideas again, just look at those characters, perfectionism, procrastination, obstinacy, fear, fear fear.

Reigniting Spiritual Practice (1)
Walking with Longing and Coffee (2)
Enjoying Spring Cacophony (3)
Experiencing beautiful Hellebores (4)
Renewed inspiration to write (5)
Inhaling the scent of Rosemary (6)
Delighting in Yellowstone Documentary (7)
Meditating to the Drip Plap of Kitchen faucet (8)
Becoming Aware of Fear, smiling, and doing it anyway. (9)
Red and Hot Pink Outfits (10)
Ability to Change the Sheets (11)
Daily Practice, A Daily Page of I to Myself—Henry D. Thoreau (12)
Slanting Sideways Snow (13)
Vanilla Latte(14)
Blue Lace Agate (15)
Ability to Clean Kitchen (16)
Chance to listen to Wooniverse Podcast (17)
Sun streaming through window, lighting up Golden Pothos leaves (18)
Phone call from a friend (19)
Curbside and Death safe Pick Up (20)
Borealis Documentary (21)
Pelvic Tip/Hamstring stretches (22)
New Blog-reading Experiences Feeding Body, Mind, and Spirit (23)
Treasure Trove of Titles to Add to my To-Read List (24)
Cold Snap(25)
Finding the Book, “Anger, Wisdom for Cooling the Flames(26)
Harry Potter Movie Marathon (27)
Florence and the Machine video “Free” expresses domination exactly! (28)
Purple Bearded Irises (29)
Serendipity (30)