4 thoughts on “Come Talk to Me…

    • Thanks! I am working on the okay part. Currently I am seeing the value of being ok with antibiotics and breathing machines! I am working on being okay with having the use of any computer. I rather feel like I am failing in the being grateful department. Hopefully I will be able to get back to the mental stimulation and expression that keeps me running optimally soon. (Before everyone deserts me as suddenly becoming brain dead and ditsy.) One day at a time! Hope you enjoyed your visit(s)!


      • Oh man, Elisa, I am so sorry to hear about the antibiotics and breathing machines. 😦 It’s hard when we have to learn to adjust to that. Thought I might have to go on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t. Guess there is a time and place for them. Wishing for your optimal running. Knowing you will not become brain dead OR ditzy. Honoring the space where the Universe has plopped you.


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