Morning Trip (82)

“Desire animates the world. It is present in the baby crying for milk, the girl struggling to solve a math problem, the woman running to meet her lover and later deciding to have children, and the old woman, hunched over her walker, moving down the hall of the nursing home at a glacial pace to pick up her mail. Banish desire from the world, and you get a world of frozen beings who have no reason to live and no reason to die.”


“We are the mediocre,
we are the half givers,
we are the half lovers,
we are the savourless salt.

Break the hard crust
of complacency.
Quicken in us
the sharp grace of desire.”

CARYLL HOUSELANDER, attributed, Soul Weavings

4 thoughts on “Morning Trip (82)

  1. I am fascinated by desire, and repelled by it, and fascinated again. I do wonder about banishing desire. Part of me agrees with the quote…and part of me does not agree at all. But desire seems at the crux of what it means to be human.


  2. Identifying ‘properly’, understanding, and taking actions with all of the energies, of which desire is but one, is part of attending and focusing on energy and its tags. Doing so, allows me, to choose to take an action, or to choose only to observe what is going on. It allows me to prevent or to re-route a patterned response. It can be a lot of work, which can seem hard and joyful at once. I can listen to the energy and KNOW what to do. I think it leads me much more than conscience.


    • I have contemplated the creating of a new booklist based upon my treks in the Morning Trip. However then would I choose what to read!?!?! My booklists on Goodreads are…well, they are. I get distracted along the way with books not on the list and everything just gets larger! 🙂


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