Winter at The Tree Place Series–December 23rd

I got new batteries in the gifted camera!!! They seem to be working well, I got 27 images so far this morning and only one low battery reading! The children were nestled all snug in their beds this morning, so instead of pleasing everyone else and using the time to cook or to clean….I GRABBED THE CAMERA AND WENT TO THE TREE PLACE!!!…and greeted the rising sun that managed to break through the steel gray walls of scudding winter clouds filled with unspilled rains to reflect on the river.

Winter at The Tree Place Series–River Sunrise

I walked a different way this morning, up over part of the dyke system that runs across and then along the railroad tracks. I noticed these weeds…

I had to be brave to attempt the shot. The lens that I had for the camera couldn’t get them into focus. The grasses along the path are slick and thick and springing forth from deceptively loose roots in the mud from all of the rain we have had the last few days. I don’t have any depth perception. It is difficult for me to adjust my body to the slant of the sides and I’m always afraid of falling or of sliding. I really wanted to touch the plants! For today I was able to venture a few feet down the slope. The image was motivating if still a bit out of focus!

I passed some smaller red berries that, while vivid and clear did not pass muster to my eyes at home from amid the tangle of vines on a wire fence to post.

The next vision took my breathe away and I was glad to remember and to feel the reason that I love The Tree Place so.

Winter at The Tree Place Series–Forgotten Lace

I was having a few thoughts about the missed opportunity for red. I like red very much. Et voila!! I saw a splash of red and couldn’t think what it was. My mind said IT’S A BIRD SHOOT QUICKLY! I did!! This time I was also wishing for a lens that I could get better close ups. I hoped upon hope that I’d get to see the bird when I got home and looked on the computer screen!

Cardinal Red Request

By now, my hands had become quite cold. I went out in the morning in a t-shirt and sweatshirt. It felt just right and then the river winds and damp decided to remind me that a person ought really be flexible and layered on winter days. I decided to turn about and to go home. There in the glow of the morning sun were some of my favorite trees…singing in the wind!

Sycamore Songs

Celebrating Alban Arthan–The Winter Solstice So glad to be moved to come out more this year. So glad to have enough food and a warm place to sleep and to call home. May gratitude for the simple and yet ever so important things permeate all thoughts and doings in order to create life!!

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