I am feeling VERY VERY ANGRY…and then…

my son said: here mom, you need to watch this

and I glared at him

and he ignored me

and he typed….

here it is:

I think it helped me to feel a little bit better, even though my angry has nothing to do with my reading a book, though oddly it does, if you know me and you pay attention to what I like and what I dislike, what I find important, and what I do not.

5 thoughts on “I am feeling VERY VERY ANGRY…and then…

  1. I am pondering anger lately. the fact of its arising. I am suddenly seeing it arise as itself, and not necessarily “me”, although who-the-heck-knows, it might be me. thinking about the shame we sometimes feel with anger arising. We think we shouldn’t be angry. I am sitting here and allowing a space for your anger, at this very moment, and honoring its arising.


  2. Thank you. That shame is even worse than the original angry, which of course makes me feel even more angry. Intelligent KNOWING parts of me want to talk to me in knowing and anti-crazy soothing tones about what I could do instead, and how i KNoW the right thing to do. While those are good points…angry is. I really do not wish to be at all reasonable at this moment…and I’m annoyed that I can’t. Part of me is gleefully rubbing its little hands together like fanning the flames of a bonfire. I almost didn’t type this, but I’m trying to express it and I guess what you said above, so that IT doesn’t eat me or drive itself into the river in my car maybe.

    OH, PS. The thought stopping bagpipes at the end crack me up laughing!!


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