OOps! Three or Four Days Ago the Basil Seeds Were Planted


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Oh, I forgot to put in a post so that I could tell how long it would take for the seeds to come up!  Rolling my eyes at myself for caring.  As if somehow by my counting and noting the seed packet directions, the seeds would grow by my demanding desires, rather than growing–or not, by the Grand Design. 

I would like to have a way of recalling about how long it does take, so that future garden planning is most efficient in both time and in space.  Though I am thinking that perhaps simply keeping the herbs in the pots might be better.  I shall see as I go along. 

No signs of sprout yet.  I have been frowning a bit at the dirt where they live.  It keeps drying out, they are only planted 1/4 inch below the surface.  I am wondering if I need to saran wrap…

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73 degrees and Sunny to 35 degrees and Snow-like Objects


will pot the basil inside on the kitchen floor in the morning…

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It really did get to 35 degrees with rain and then sleet and then snow-like objects.  I am very glad that the snow-like objects didn’t last long.  I went to bed it was 73.  I left the window wide open.  I woke, it was very nice raining and 67.  I left the window opened and I questioned the veracity of impending thirty degree weather.  I put the new cauliflower and broccoli plants out onto the sidewalk in the rain, as they were getting dry in the packs.  The rain continued and then the sky became black and the wind oh myyyyyy.  The temperature fell to 45.  It kept dropping until 7 pm.  when the sky too began dropping schmootz and snow-like objects.  Shivering.  Snuggling in new/old winter clothes.  35.

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Cool plantings, Basil and a Shift in the Weather from mid-70 to freezing and below!

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Gosh it is still ever so warm here!  Above 70, even approaching a muggy feeling this morning.  I drove out to Snyders to search for early crops to transplant and to peruse the organic seed selections.  I was very excited to see cauliflower and broccoli packs.  I got one pack of each.  YUM!  My stomach is growling and the mouth is salivating just recalling the tasty success of last season.  I also grabbed a pack of Italian Large Leaf Basil.  The package says it’s an heirloom variety from <i>Botanical Interests</i>–I was told today by one of the nursery owner’s that it is one of few brands not owned or flowing forth from what she called the nasty M company.  I frowned and I guessed and she said, “Yep!”  That, to me, is a bonus.

I wanted very much to plant peas and the tranplants today!  My friend J asked me…

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Group Garden Opening Day! and Yes! I CAN use a rototiller…


Smiling at small and productive moments of ability!

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Today was Community Garden Opening Day beautification project.  Many of the gardeners met, paid and did basic winter clean-up and Spring ground preparation.  When I got there, I was very excited to see that someone had edged all of the ground plots.  A NICE DEEP EDGE!!  It’s an excellent 81 degrees today!  I was not really prepared for such a shift and the body is revolting a bit.  SOB and supreme swelling.  I often forget how careful that I have to be with salt.  I WAS able to use the little rototiller to do my entire plot within minutes!!  I will go back this week when the morning is cool–they are forecasting frost and snow later this week, and sift through for roots, rocks, and rotten weed bits.  I will plant radishes, peas, and beets.  I will locate some sticks and twine to run for pole beans.  I will seed…

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Black and Blue Crisp–modified for GF, nut free, soy free from Lonny Magazine


Baking and Posting on a sunny afternoon before heading out to begin the 2014 Gardening Season!

Originally posted on Baking and Breakfasts:

2 c. blueberries
1 c. blackberries
2 T. sugar
2 T. organic gluten-free lemon juice (or juice and zest of one lemon)

1/2 c. Premium Gold Flax and Whole Grain GF flour
1/4 c. brown rice flour
1 c. organic gf brown sugar
1.5 c. rolled oats (use certified gluten-free, and/or consult physician)
6 T. unsalted organic butter

–original source

Mix base ingredients in 9-inch square baking dish. Let sit.
Put topping items into food processor and pulse till small crumbs OR use pastry blender and then fingers in a medium to large bowl.
Sprinkle topping evenly over the base, yes use all of it.
Bake 375 for 40-45 minutes.

I halved this and used the smaller rectangle orange dish.
The original recipe is for blueberry. The first time I made it I used half a batch and had fresh blackberry only.
The second batch I used the…

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