Walktober (5)

A lot of walking and ‘walking’ has occurred since my last post. Funny how in each moment things can be so busy and full of things that we find pleasant, abhorrent and all of the places in between and beyond, that a different moment seems beyond capabilities to even happen, let alone to be noticed. For me a present moment IS all and everything that I can conceive during a speck and a space of time. I can choose to ignore this or to ignore that as a delusion, as an escape, as a coping mechanism. I can choose to narrow my conceiving to pay attention to minute details of a thing in sheer wonder of it. Whoops! I got off into a ponder! (psst over HERE Elisa, this way!)

Soon after my last post I recalled a hankering to experience a corn maze. So, I called a place where I have taken photographs and they, indeed were doing them, and a hay ride. Amazement and Gratitudes poured forth that the cost was only $5!! This covered TWO mazes and a hay ride. My daughter and her fiance wanted to go with me!! I no longer had to pay for daughter!! My present had not conceived this before and I wondered if this is where that tendency of gramma-type persons arises from. Obligation to pay for daughter has to go somewhere and oozes out onto uhm others!

We got to the place before sunset. It felt good! Right by the river that also runs through the tree place. Mist and cooler breezes snaked fingers across the wooded lot and fields to play the tickle game with the senses! Son was not afraid of the maze and did not get lost! A miracle right there! The mazes were huge and good exercise and conversation. The second maze wove through what felt like marshy land with associated birds and creatures singing and chirruping an evening chorus. I was able to have numerous Tree Place type moments even while other persons laughed and hollered their ways through the mazes around me. As my insides lifted up and flew and I hit ground at once, I heard the sound of geese!! I turned to see them and saw wondrous neon cotton candy manes across the western treetops! My five dollars was very well spent! We also went on a hayride. The farm owner gave us agriculture lessons about corn, and soy, and even cotton. I liked knowing the answers and getting into an intelligent conversation–bless my Grandpa, but had to check myself remembering these other people and kids really didn’t want to hear a lot of this stuff in the dark. 😀 Some of them did listen though and did ask more questions, which to me, was nice. I learned something about corn that I didn’t know before too. No images as I didn’t expect in the very late evening to be able to see to take them.

Morning Trip (80)

“I lounge on the grass, that’s all. So
simple. Then I lie back until I am
inside the cloud that is just above me
but very high, and shaped like a fish.
Or, perhaps not. Then I enter the place
of not-thinking, not-remembering, not-
wanting. When the blue jay cries out his
riddle, in his carping voice, I return.
But I go back, the threshold is always
near. Over and back, over and back. Then
I rise. Maybe I rub my face as though I
have been asleep. But I have not been
asleep. I have been, as I say, inside
the cloud, or, perhaps, the lily floating
on the water. Then I go back to town,
to my own house, my own life, which has
now become brighter and simpler, some-
where I have never been before.”
– Mary Oliver

Spring Sunset at the Tree Place

I got to enjoy the most beautiful evening at the Tree Place!!! There have to be more or better words for it. I cannot think of a word that can paint it into your minds like it is here within mine. I got to take a couple hundred images! I used the camera that had the major battery snafu in the winter AND it is still going strong on the ones I have been using in the camera! I’ll put up the image of Spring Sunset here and then point you to Purple Shoe Photography so that you can see the rest of what I took today as I post them later.

Tree Place Sunset