Morning Trip (284)

“When we lay claim to the evil in ourselves, we no longer fear its occurring outside of our control. For example, a patient comes into therapy complaining that he does not get along well with other people; somehow he always says the wrong thing and hurts their feelings. He is really a nice guy, just has this uncontrollable, neurotic problem. What he does not want to know is that his “unconscious hostility” is not his problem, it’s his solution. He is really not a nice guy who wants to be good; he’s a bastard who wants to hurt other people while still thinking of himself as a nice guy. If the therapist can guide him into the pit of his own ugly soul, then there may be hope for him….Nothing about ourselves can be changed until it is first accepted.”
–Sheldon Kopp,If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him

Fear and Seeing Aura…

It Wasn’t Death She Saw
But life:
skin dancing with flesh
like silk curtains that swirl in the wind
above her mother’s window
up up now puff! and in again
Or breath – is the wind breathing?
She’d been playing in the grass when it happened:
the snake flung
from the mower’s blade, rainbows
of ribbons in the air
rainbows rainbows everywhere, catch a ribbon for your hair
She wrapped the pretty pieces in willow leaves and grass.
When she told her mother what she’d seen –
the way life
leapt out of the snake
just like a ballerina –
her mother beat her,
scrubbed her tongue with salt
but Mama, it was beautiful, like fireflies at night
She learned to hold her body
very still.
– Kirstin Hotelling Zona

Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog (8)

This morning, I got up to the sounds of soft rain falling. I stumbled along in a pleasant sleepy stupor headed to the tea getting spot. The cinnamon sticks smelled heavenly and my mind flashed to autumn. Part of my brain jolted awake to promptly smack and shut up the season rusher–we like summer after all! No worries, the stupor returned after three dunks of the teabag. (I didn’t know you cared enough to worry.)

I sat at my desk. Tiny birds in the sand cherry, bouncing and shaking the drops that had been clinging to the branches for a) my own pure delight, b) to help the birds to get clean, or c) for dear life. NO! There are NO other options, tis my own blog so THERE!

I noticed the puddle around the light post and considered going out to run through it with feet bare, was a short consideration, the feet wish to stay unjolted and sleepy too. Kathy’s puddle and still water pictures are most wonderful and they are where my mind turned next. Ok, not next but promptly after I sniffed and slurped my tea. She can be found over at Lake Superior Spirit, all of her blogs are linked there. She might even provide a comment if she has done a blog particularly about puddles.

Fixated upon, I mean engaged by puddles, I thought well perhaps there is something that I am to find today having to do with puddles or some concept others attached to one or to them.

First came:

Is/was very funny to me, that’s how my written expression has been feeling of late, hence no blogs, but lots of movement as if I were working very hard upon it. I might be full of uhmm…Mud. Puddles however are great for ridding self of mud.

Then I thought, well you cannot just put up that video, what kind of blog would that be–this really means that I was worrying what others would think AND that I wanted attention. Some of me rolled our eyes at those parts, go ahead you can do it too. Sometimes it can be easier to roll eyes at others than at selves. I dunno why I just typed that last bit, maybe you might ignore it? I continued my search, it led me to this:

Mark Harden’s Artchive Escher, Maurits Cornelis

Woodcut in three colors
24 x 31.9 cm (9 1/2 x 12 1/2 in.)
M.C. Escher


“Non-being is a mirror, the world an
image and man
is the eye of the image in which the person is hidden
You are the eye of the image, and
the light of the eye.

Who has ever seen the eye
through which all things are seen?

The world has become a man
and man a world.

There is no clearer explanation than this
When you look well into the root of the
He is at once seen both seeing eye
and thing seen.”
– Mahmud Shabistari

Perhaps I was just to look into the puddle! Simple.
(abrupt ending warning!!)
The End!