One Shoot Sunday and McConnellstown Party Line Memory Ramble–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

Good Morning! It’s One Shoot Sunday again! (Ok, so it’s Tuesday, I got stuck without a keyboard and then my writing got stuck too!)

The following is quoted to attribute the photographer and the site that supports and encourages The Poetry Challenge of One Shoot Sunday.
Sunday Photography Interview (Part 2): Rob Hanson & Poetry Challenge

Last week saw many great responses to Mr. Hanson’s lovely photography. There were numerous creative takes that went to all corners. I thought, before we delve into the second half of this interview, you might be interested in hearing the true story behind “The Bootmaker,” which was One Stop’s official prompt for last Sunday’s challenge.

From Rob Hanson: “That’s Peter Limmer, of Limmer & Sons, Bootmakers, in Intervale, New Hampshire. They are currently sixth generation (and likely last) Austrian bootmakers of the highest repute. A pair of custom boots will take up to two years to deliver (if you even get on their schedule), and cost a minimum of $600. They also have stock boots, of which I have a pair. They are, without a doubt, some of the best hiking boots you’d ever want to own.”

And now, enjoy the second half of the interview, as well as the prompt to follow.
~Chris Galford

Picture Prompt Challenge Time!

McConnellstown Party Line Memory Ramble

Get off the party line
Oily rags

Churning butter
–on the stoop
Giant enamel bowls
Peaches to peel and to pit
Chilling in the spring

Kegs of nails

Razor Strap
And window frame

Hearing shows,
on the porch
From the radio
I called it
Church in a box
–shaped as old church window, arched

Glitter and dance of kerosene lamps
The night and hallways
Less scary in the glow

From a hook
Living history
Not just a book

Push and shove
Back and forth
Something straddled
On the horse

Pies on the table
Apple butter kettle
Over hardwood
Fire in the yard

Memories suspended
In yesterday
My Pappy

–by elisabeth connelley

One Shoot Sunday and The Door–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

“One Stop Poetry Challenge – the Photography of Fee Easton

Today we welcome back no stranger to One Shoot Sunday. UK photographer Fee Easton was featured back in March. Her interview with Chris G. and picture prompt challenge for that day proved very inspiring to many of us.

Since talking to her via Twitter, she has offered her work to our community to allow poets a greater choice for poetic creation, thus presenting a challenge from which participants may choose from five of her amazing photographs.”

One Stop, Challenge Time!

Option 4

Option 4 One Shoot Sunday May 15, 2011--by Fee Easton

The Door

Rusted metal

Arrested function

Pistons heat frozen

Erected long ago

Into form
Hot breath
Shimmering through
Old creases

The old man’s eye
Trained, placed against that old tree

Settle back
Creaky chair by the porch

At the door

–elisabeth connelley