Morning Trip (224)

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men. Most of these unnumbered seeds perish and are lost, because men are not prepared to receive them. For such seeds as these cannot spring up anywhere, except in the good soil of freedom, spontaneity, and love.”
–Thomas Merton

Morning Trip (68)


Every day
I see or hear
that more or less
kills me
with delight,
that leaves me
like a needle
in the haystack
of light.
It was what I was born for –
to look, to listen,
to lose myself
inside this soft world –
to instruct myself
over and over
in joy,
and acclamation.
Nor am I talking
about the exceptional,
the fearful, the dreadful,
the very extravagant –
but of the ordinary,
the common, the very drab,
the daily presentations.
Oh, good scholar,
I say to myself,
how can you help
but grow wise
with such teachings
as these –
the untrimmable light
of the world,
the ocean’s shine,
the prayers that are made
out of grass?”
– Mary Oliver

Waking to Beautiful Rain

A Close Day

I am having a very pleasing morning. One of the reasons for this pleasure is that so far, things are going the way I wish them to go, I feel in control. (Ha, I haven’t missed the defect in my character, but since it is having a positive effect upon my day…I shall choose to address it later 😛 )

I was busy being thankful for having interesting photographs to view with my morning tea. I was noticing that I had not had an inkling of interest in viewing any news, AND that my morning isn’t poo like it has been, with said viewing! I was praying that this felt like the most excellent reprieve.

And then…

…it began to rain, pour down rain!

Glorious, musical, cleansing, perfection of form, falling to the ground, clinging to surfaces, reflecting life!!!

sigh………. 🙂

The Sky

The Sky
it was pomegranate.

A dark

Not fading and deepening blues–

Focused upon focusing.
Something grand to attend.
The Sky
it was pomegranate.

Such a slight thing
without evident meaning
or intent

Can’t there be anything else?

It was pomegranate.

–by elisabeth connelley

Oh wait, this, I thought, was a blog, but now I think it was a poem. I tried asking it, but so far, it has not answered and I’d rather stay with the pomegranate.

Labels, Fate, and Change, The Daily Aries Ponder (52)

Dear Reader, I moved all of the Daily Aries Ponder posts to their own blog. In the last weeks and whiles, many of those close to me are having various life on life’s terms experiences–which is the way it is, and, well, today I just happened to look and I found that this particular ponder might be of assistance or some word for somewhat helpful. here follows the repost of The Daily Aries Ponder (52).

Goooooooooooood Evening!!

Waves like Granny Clampett!~~~

Life on life’s terms WOW!! Moment after moment moving into the next. Sometimes parts of life literally demand that one stop being in the moment that keeps them grounded and sane, and forces them to revert to a horrible behavior of what if and guess guess and forecast far into the future and all of this to people please! GAG!!! It’s interesting to watch systems and people in groups function. Many of them at core, no matter their espoused purpose to begin with, end up with expectations of one sort or another. It amazes me that so many are sad and depressed at all of the hoops and hurdles and shoulds and barriers that oppress, and yet we as people force ourselves into this state of feeling to begin with, with social cliques and norms, ostracizing all that is foreign to us. Even in the help books we read or the lessons people offer, if we see or feel a different way, people feel threatened enough to attempt to shepherd us or shut us up–going against what on the surface seemed to be the reason for publishing the book or teaching the lesson to begin with. None of us are Saints and sh…stuff happens 🙂

I read the reading below, and part of me recalled this weight of oppression. Then, I felt the storm. I shut my eyes, and thought of the freedom of my eyes to create and to view that which is near and dear to me while I move through all of that sand. I lifted me above the storm to see the sun dancing on the clouds in a rainbow of colors. I noticed that when I stopped reacting and figuring what to do, I saw the glint of light that filtered down to my eyes from each small grain of sand who’s faceted surfaces bounced against each other with joy to remind me where I am.

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn’t something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn’t get in, and walk through it, step by step. There’s no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That’s the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine.

And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You’ll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others.

And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
– Haruki Murakami
Kafka On The Shore
lassie and timmy

Dancing Through A Storm,
Elisa, One Aries