Morning Trip (321)

“….The most vicious terrorists are not the people who build the bombs, but the influential leaders who fuel hatred among desperate masses, inspiring thier foot soldiers to commit acts of violence. It takes only one powerful dark soul to wreak havoc in the world by inspiring spiritual intolerance, nationalism, or loathing in the minds of the vulnerable.”
–Dan Brown

What creates leaders, followers, and those that are neither?

There are those that lead. There are those called experts. There are those that follow. These follow for many reasons, sometimes because the way feels good to them, sometimes because they have been taught that a person must be educated and an expert so they ignore themselves and search for signs of what another tells them is right and proper. There are those who simply do what feels right to them. Sometimes in doing what feels right a person bumps up against a teaching or a way of behaving that is similar, synchronistic, other times not.

What about the very very poor that have nothing? If one must have a teacher, how does one value their teaching and assess their abilities other than to just take their word for it and be a sheep? Please share your ideas and experiences with this.

Affixing sandal to a stick and running