On Being Naive…

“I’ve often experienced a moment of deep happiness when watching someone sleeping, and wondered why. I think what occasions that joy is an awareness of the truth that the body itself is totally innocent, flesh and bone unquestionably fine, justified and without blame. All aspects – feet and legs, the intricacy of the ears, the grace of the neck and the arms – all are sculptures unsurpassed in beauty of line and function. And the hands, solely in and of themselves, are astonishingly perfect and inviolate.

When the human body is sleeping we can see clearly, without interference or confusion, that the body is indeed sacred and honorable, a grand gift we hold in trust. It is sublime and chaste in its loveliness and as unbothered by greed or violence, by deceit or guilt, as a brilliantly yellow cottonwood standing in an autumn field, as the moon filling the boundaries of its white stone place. If there is sin, it resides elsewhere.”
– Pattiann Rogers
The Dream of the Marsh Wren

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If the ability to see all humans this way, waking or sleeping is naive, I will swim in it for an eternity. The ability to see what has been granted by God, Creator, to be perfect in body and mind, beyond what has been altered by free-will choice is still there no matter what state a human has come into. This view is only a ‘danger’ when such view creates or causes delusion of the reality that is literally expressed. Seeing what could be and knowing what is, is of great value. So also is watching all of the possibilities for shift. All things move and shift. Nothing is stagnant. Simply because they do when it is time, or when a person decides to shift. Change or shift that we decide is right and good for another–when really we simply want to create others in a manner that serves us is of no value whatever than to cause immense suffering. All of this being said, boundary setting of the individual enters in. It is a fallacy to think that when one strongly and assertively sets down a boundary, that they wish another to change to suit them. It would be like trying to holler at the builder of a highway, or the machine that puts the lines onto the roadways to keep us all moving and safe.