What the He…uhm Heck, IS THIS?!?!?!

What the He…er Heck is this?!

I have never seen one before and the first one I noted today looked like a very wet and shiny brain.


There was a weird sense of fear as I had to get nearer, waiting for an alien to pop out at me, glistening fangs and dripping eyes…(sorry, but it’s true)


Ok, fine, I avoided taking the picture of the first wet one, I didn’t want to get too close and then I saw other ones.


The rest said are you NUTS!?!?, get some pics so that the nature people everywhere, or in Pennsylvania can rationally erase alien feelings of horror.

Morning Trip (25)

“Vulnerability is built into our hearts, which can be sliced open at any moment by some sudden shift in the arrangements, some pain, some horror, some hurt. We know and instinctively fear this, so we protect our hearts by covering them against exposure. But this doesn’t work. Covering the heart binds and suffocates it until, like a wound that has been kept dressed for too long, the heart starts to fester and becomes fetid. Eventually, without air, the heart is all but killed off, and there’s no feeling, no experiencing at all.”
– Norman Fischer

And then…the Creator has other plans!

One drop of rains falls.
It can be ignored.
More gently patter down.
I look up (do you?).
A teasing pause.
One drop, two, a rush, a dance
The mind moves, the body follows.
A weaving dance, feeling joy, creating downpours of expression,
rising, twisting, and spinning
across a pattern of life
simple joy.
I smile, inside and out (do you?).
Come to ground.
Refreshed by self after converting gift of rain.
I sit, peacefully (do you?).
I watch the gift of ground.

–elisabeth connelley