What the He…uhm Heck, IS THIS?!?!?!

What the He…er Heck is this?!

I have never seen one before and the first one I noted today looked like a very wet and shiny brain.


There was a weird sense of fear as I had to get nearer, waiting for an alien to pop out at me, glistening fangs and dripping eyes…(sorry, but it’s true)


Ok, fine, I avoided taking the picture of the first wet one, I didn’t want to get too close and then I saw other ones.


The rest said are you NUTS!?!?, get some pics so that the nature people everywhere, or in Pennsylvania can rationally erase alien feelings of horror.

Winter at The Tree Place

Breathing Vines--by elisabeth connelley

I took this image quite a while ago. I think I am going to try something new, and see how I feel about it. I know how I feel about it now, it isn’t good but I’m going to do it until at least the solstice. For now, I’m going to call the thing…daily dead things, or Winter at The Tree Place. I’m sitting here muttering to myself to quit complaining. The rest of me is saying, well, there is no life in dead brown and black things. No spark that says IMAGE ME! The argument is how can I show the play of light and energy, heat and feeling? I went back and I found this one, because it does. The sun was setting and it made it all look red. The image hasn’t been altered. The other day I visited the Tree Place and wondered at the warmth of the day. I wondered at the endless shades and textures of the browns! So, I’m going to try it.