Morning Trip (214)

“Some people fear seeing or feeling anything about which there is no general agreement. For others, it is thrilling to be aware of innuendo, shading, complexity. For those who do not wish to step away from consensus, the creative is useless at best; at worst, it is dangerous. But for those who are intrigued by the multiplicity of reality and the unique possibilities of their own vision, the creative is the path they must pursue.”
– Deena Metzger

Creating Creation

This morning, I was still or yet again, in what I have decided to term a funk. I am also going to point out that a funk for me can be a depression, a dealing with life on life’s terms that feels heavy without freedom and expression of my simultaneous joys. It can also be a place where my head is very full of things, that do not seem to congeal into one coherent story. A brain full of fragments. I think everyone has fragments, but a funk comes for me when the fragments have weight and meaning, appear to conflict, and come to no conclusions as to actions to be taken. How long can one sit, not reacting, before one gets stuck?

So, Kathy’s blogs “When intentions ‘fail’ perhaps something else ‘succeeds’ and “Rant” , yet again, used some of the words for the concepts and feelings of the fragments in my head.

I typed a LOT in the comments of the two blogs. I fretted over Kathy possibly feeling that I had run over her blog. I fretted over why I cannot(have not been able) to just write my own blog in response. I told myself that Kathy can speak up, delete comments and so on a so forth. I got distracted in this thinking by the feeling of creation.

I have been smelling pumpkin pie cooking for two days. I avoided making pie, crust is messy. I thought of the warmth of the kitchen and the scent of ‘home’ that permeates the house when I bake. I followed the scent of baking bread. I am NOT making bread!(I said that loudly to myself.) I thought of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and cedar simmering on the stove. OOOOO I can do that!

Then I thought that if I just wiped the counters. Put some things away. Created a clean slate. I made a simple list, without expectation of getting any of it done today, just the step of noticing the items was enough. My brain began to gather around my writing pink pen and said oh dear don’t write that down, it’s too simple just take action! So, I did.

I have cleaned things, which weren’t so messy as my eyes were seeing. I am working on the cooking. I am focusing on how the ingredients feel in my fingers, thanking them for providing grounding input for my overdone system. I am very glad my fingers like to feel and to create images and feelings. This overrides the fragments. This provides structure and value for me. I am starting to feel anxious again as I type, so I’m going to go off now and continue creating. Thank you, friend Kathy!

How Does One Recognize Original Thought?

A human being is a blank canvas. We feed the human through its senses. The human brain does have its own innate manner of chunking thoughts and memories which works initially on the autonomic and sympathetic level. And then, ‘we’ begin to tell the brain what to attend to, what to screen out. We overload it with input. So much overload that the brain enters what many autistics call freezing. Parents can be pleased by this because a child can and will seem quiet.

We are trained to feel hunger when we see a bottle, hear the fridge open, see people sitting in the eating place. We are trained to achieve and to equate such achievement to the word happy, by exaggerated claps and yayyyyyy from the adults around us. We are retrained to see colors as expressions of emotions by facial expressions associated with these by parents, marketing, television and all people around us. We lose the ability to retain that which is innate. The rare few that hold to what is innate are often shunned. A child that colors a robin blue on its tummy because the egg and new life are present are scolded and told NO it’s RED.

Now, move a few years ahead to adulthood. Ask me what I think about something. Personally, I think in pictures, sounds, and images, feelings, colors ecetera. I am a person who for the most part, unless a person is in imminent danger of harm of self, will refuse to share my direct thought or opinion because it is each human’s job to be themselves and to think for self. I am always watching and listening for any tool that is given to me to present to others to provoke such thinking. I have learned that expression is everything! The information glut is what it is. The manner in which valued information is shared or spread comes through knowledge and wisdom. It is the receivers job of such communication to decode the message and feed back to themselves or the sender if they desire more, different, or additional clarity. When I say clarity, I mean clarity for one’s own comprehension and chunking of knowledge. Some, more than others have fallen into the sheep trap. Some, so far that they have no idea.

I have often heard it said in various ways, there are no new thoughts nor things, we only pretend and aspire to label that which is.

The truly organized, quiet, and alert mind requires and demands inputs that are assimilated and shared among brain centers. Ever expanding use of the human brain into areas which we are told the average human does not utilize. People that are able and encouraged to chunk information in this manner, often appear eccentric. They can see interrelations between things that others cannot.

Personally, I have little desire to change anyone. It is my life purpose to be myself and those who wish to partake in what I have to offer come to me. Those who require experience with that which is different from their manner will also come, and often be quite confrontational with me. This is amusing and sad. I have great compassion and tolerance of these sorts, they know not what they do. And when they figure it out the joy is beyond all comprehension!

Everything a teacher teaches comes from the entire collection of what has created and made up the individual, quotations, articles, art, collage, the weather, tones of voice and so on. Think about it! Why else at Thanksgiving and Christmas do we see the Turkey or roast and a huge table full of glistening foods, the warm pies the fire place, the ambiance and energy expressed by candles…all on the television and our minds are triggered to sensory heaven…or to family event hells in the few seconds the commercial is running.

If I, or anyone else wishes to bring to mind an abstract or difficult idea, I would be most wise to use sensory tools that are appropriate to my audience to evoke/trigger such response to awaken the mind to be receptive. Language is acquired in this same manner. Just try to explain the idea of the word ‘i’ to some native american cultures, and what tools in your toolbox that you would use that come from outside of you to express and to explain.

To know who I am, watch and follow the things I watch, the songs I sing, and discern my intent. Enter into dialogue with me. Walk beside me. We do not have to become the other.

The Me I AM today,
Mindsweeper (also known as Elisa)

Faces of the Trees

This is Grum

I know this one's name, but the sounds in it are not sounds I am familiar with making as speech.

This one makes me think of Janus, I did not hear its name, nor did I ask, this trip.

All of today’s Brandon Park images were taken by Elisabeth Connelley, Purple Shoe Photography while playing with a Sigma SD10. Many thanks to the owner of this camera!

Sitting on a Shelf a New Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog, who knows what number today!

What is it like to be sitting on a shelf? Ok, so I really do NOT want to know that. I like to be in action! In front! Flaming! Splashing! Primal! Did you know that you can be all of those things sitting silent??!? Ok, I’ve gone off onto a think….

I’m posting to say that for the third time now, my computer has a virus. This time, the computer is sitting on a shelf at the repair place, as the repair guy has many helpful contracts and duties and is over-run by storm damage to repair, doctor’s office computers virused and locking in all patients’ ever important information by a virusbook (I mean facebook i swear) virus from a surfing at work employee!! I am a little bit more glad to be simply sitting on that shelf, than to be one of those patients! Well, the way that I write and create has a lot to do with what I am near and what I have at hand to utilize for material. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE the library at the college soooo, it is cold steel, mortar, and very bright lights that trigger neurological events–unpleasant ones. So, I wait…I am very careful NOT to be patient nor to ask for patience. I hiss at those uttering such words at me and have them quickly flush the words down the nearest toilet or garbage disposal orifice! WAITING is acceptable, patience brings to me the MOST horrid of demons! YIKES! So, I’m waiting and not writing. I am not yet comfy with not having access to my access, but I’m not yet ripping off my skin in horror! Progress not perfection! See you all again when the computer is fixed!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no, now I’ve got an association!!! Watching those strings appear to tangle and then become a long ‘straight’ strand……oooo oooooooooo ooooooooo. Tossing a yoyo at Kathy!