6:16 a.m. November 16 (What is Elisa Doing Today)

breathing treatment and Chinese Breakfast Tea just
after 5:30 am or is it 6:30 am and strangely dark 33
degrees in the middle of November what do I expect
still looking for Summer 80s breeze resentful laughing
at myself noting the still green grass

cranberry stained glass leaves gone to crumple in the
20 degree freeze of yestermorn now holding stock still
valiant and full of spread smooth strength and obstinance
to cling and to quiver shiver in the dark
maybe not a shiver–a wave hello fellow living thing to
fellow living thing awake in the dark

the kitchen has basil now and lemons bright yellow
lemons in a blue and white designed bowl special
scalloped edges cinnamon scent spirals up into my
nose pearls of tea bumps between my thumb and
finger squeezing free every exquisite and e-wordless
drop into the favored cup between my lips heaven
passes and sighs

–elisabeth connelley

Amusing Stone and Geneen Marie Haugen

Noticing Nature

Amusing Stone
Geneen Marie Haugen
You do not have to be feverish
or in communion with peyote
to hear stones speaking their minds….”

Click upon the link below and go to page 12, to read the remainder of this wonderful piece!

experted from the winter 2013 editions of Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics

Find out more about Geneen Haugen at Spiritual Ecology

You might also like to visit the Animas Valley Institute site for additional interesting discovery about writer and poetess.

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Peaceableness and The Dance

Noticing Nature

This morning’s noticing comes first with sound.

Then follows to Hermit’s Thatch a writing entitled Peaceableness only a tiny snippet follows in all honor and respect to the author, please follow the link to the full piece.

“…The peaceful person is vilified by society because society is perpetual conflict, in a state of turmoil and struggle, adversarial and warlike. The face of society is at most seen to foster competition, entrepreneurial wiles, an optimism invested in the system, but its means and ends are incompatible with the creation of a peaceable person and a peaceful society….”
Peaceableness, Hermit’s Thatch

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