Spring Returns to the Earth

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Today is the Spring equinox.  How we look forward to Spring!  But this year I am contemplating the words of Alan Watts, who reminds us that we should be living and appreciating the Now.  Not always looking forward to better days tomorrow.  Not always striving to improve ourselves because we are dissatisfied with who we are this moment:

“How long have the planets been circling the sun?  Are they getting anywhere, and do they go faster and faster in order to arrive?  How often has the spring returned to the earth?  Does it come faster and fancier every year, to be sure to be better than last spring, and to hurry on is way to the spring that shall out-spring all springs?”
—  Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity:  A Message for an Age of Anxiety

Watts published this in 1951.  How appropriate his words still feel today.

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