Morning Trip (311)

“The truth is that we’re always in some kind of in-between state, always in process. We never fully arrive. When we’re present with the dynamic quality of our lives, we’re also present with impermanence, uncertainty, and change. If we can stay present, then we might finally get that there’s no security or certainty in the objects of our pleasure or the objects of our pain, no security or certainty in winning or losing, in compliments or criticism, in good reputation or bad–no security or certainty ever in anything that’s fleeting, that’s subject to change.”
–Pema Chodron

2 thoughts on “Morning Trip (311)

  1. Never having heard of Ruelle, and ever the searcher, I wondered if the name might be the same as the French word that means ‘a narrow little street.’ In the Wikipedia article at

    I found this: “Eckford adopted the French word ‘Ruelle’ as her stage name because she liked how it gave off a sense of darkness and mystery and how it had multiple meanings including ‘chamber’ and ‘wolf’.”

    Hmmm, said I to myself, could that last part really be right? I turned to my Petit Robert, which at 2800+ pages is hardly petit. After the main meaning that I already knew, I found an extended meaning: ’empty space between a bed and a wall or between two beds.’ Below that was listed a historical and even more extended sense from the 1600s: ‘a chamber or bedroom in which certain women of high rank would receive people, and which became worldly or literary salons.’

    That was apparently as far as the meaning ever got extended. There was nothing about wolves.

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