Let Me Just Say that Abraham Hicks Has Not Been A Name That I Like to Hear…however,

Noticing Nature

I did a morning reading, after I changed my routine to adapt to taking a new medication, that has actually provided me with a better start. I am working a way to do the readings at a time that I WANT to do them, rather than feeling annoyed that it’s a chore and a rote action, instead of an intended one. The energies of both types of action are different.

The reading suggested to stop it and to let others serve you(me). A timer went off downstairs so I had to go attend to it. Climbing up and down the stairs to move things go too much so I decided to stop have tea and do a breathing treatment to correct the short of breath. I then thought NOT to follow my normal computer time actions and I googled let others serve you.

The response that I got and noticed…

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More Desire

What is desire really? Is it what marketing has taught us? thin slick glistening bodies?

lascivious actions?

the word for the relationship of the opposite creations of lack and want? a way to drive us to continue to ignore our enchantment and to seek what others directs us as perfection?

Another response to a belief that there is no such thing as happy.

John Ruskin

Noticing Nature

“We know that gentians grow on the Alps, and olives on the Apennines; but we do not enough conceive for ourselves that variegated mosaic of the world’s surface which a bird sees in its migration, that difference between the district of the gentian and of the olive which the stork and the swallow see far off, as they lean upon the sirocco wind, Let us, for a moment, try to raise ourselves even above the level of their flight, and imagine the Mediterranean lying beneath us like an irregular lake, and all its ancient promontories sleeping in the sun: here and there an angry spot of thunder, a grey stain of storm, moving upon the burning field; and here and there a fixed wreath of white volcano smoke, surrounded by its circle of ashes; but for the most part a great peacefulness of light, Syria and Greece, Italy and Spain…

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Following a Trail of Spiritual Experience, Led me today to: Pursuing Happiness

Noticing Nature

Yesterday I was engaged in a sharing about how spirit, spirituality and its connection with religion and permanent states is misunderstood and then becomes a barrier. Today, following the same thought, upon awakening three posts simply appeared in the normal state of my morning reading, that contained the same concept but added the word Happiness–for which I do not think exists and is a created word, to add onto what came yesterday to build on being able to feel what I would term In Union. Community, belonging. I really enjoyed the shorter segment of interview from On Being, posted elsewhere and thus decided to view the entire interview on film, rather than simply listening to a shorter part. I hope it gives you something that your fire requires.

Pursuing Happiness with the Dalai Lama from On Being on Vimeo.

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Brown Winter Duck

I am so very very excited–even the morning after!! I listened to myself and drove past the Tree Place and to Indian Park with the camera. I grumbled to myself about getting random boring duck images. I did not expect the entire ice covered pond of ducks and geese to come flying and running to me. Many of them got so close so quickly that the shots are very blurred. One of ducks pecked the outside of my hand while I was taking an image of another duck. It rubbed its head sideways then like a cat so, I slowly and carefully reached out and it let me touch its back!!!! I have never touched a wild bird and only a tame one once before in my lifetime. I do not know why the fear was not the same as many other days before this one and why in the world I would touch a wild one, I do not know! I think that snow and ice are covering all of their food and that people had been feeding them, though I saw no signs of food. Perhaps I will go back with some greens and appropriate duck food from the local feed store. I think a few of the shots are workable and I’ll post them as I go.

Purple Shoe Photography

Brown Winter Duck copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
©2015 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
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Morning Trip (135)

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark….Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.”
–Ayn Rand