Morning Trip (134)

“What does it mean that the earth is so beautiful? And what shall I do about it? What is the gift that I should bring to the world? What is the life that I should live?”
–Mary Oliver, Listening to the World, Interview On Being with Krista Tippett

6 thoughts on “Morning Trip (134)

  1. The earth is beautiful and so are people, animals, things and I don’t know what to do about it. I got no gift for them, no purpose. Someone please tell me I’m beautiful too….it’s been a while….


    • The snow is falling again Arjun. Is it beautiful because it is? Does the beauty come from the individual’s ability to experience it and to express it. Who decides how much and what, is enough?


    • I wonder if one already has to believe and to know that the self is beautiful, in order for any outside words or expressions to have any meaning–perhaps better yet, to remain only words floating past the knowledge of the self.

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  2. And what shall we do about it indeed? I am reading a wonderful book called “Braiding Sweetgrass” which talks about the gifts of love and gratitude we can bring to the world. And how so few of us (or how few times) we actually take the time to acknowledge this. And how many native cultures had/have rituals of gratitude. How very different from our culture of consumerism.


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