Listening to The Moon

Ideas ideas how they move when one is making kitchen magic and regains ground. Ok so maybe not one, maybe me.

New things to put into the Chicken Stock popped into my head and so after a google, in the case of a ‘real’ recipe, I created. A lot of the ingredients added in were again items relating or that could relate to banishing. It IS the full moon after all! I forgot how good it feels to create and to trust and then to eat in this manner YUM!

While following the moon, I was tapped gently and attention was directed to the moon goddesses prancing about for my attention. Specifically the one that led me to the J. Hoare glass container at the antique shop. She continued her introduction to me in the symbols cut into the jar itself and in those twined on the sterling lid. The jar had a sliver cracked out of the rim which then for price and for the slight imperfection sealed the deal for me as the shop owner and new friend laughed and smiled as I stated that I was going to put my witchy things into it. I am not a witch, it’s just somewhat simpler to state what I am as witchy than to explain for hours and days on end what I am. I got the jar at the new moon and then I felt let down as nothing specific came to me to do with it on that day.

Today as I plucked rosemary and thyme for in the soup I thought to weave some rosemary around it and then thought about getting moon water. I don’t do ‘spells’ or look for them usually but I searched the idea. Yes! Gathering rain water in the jar complete with silver and rosemary at the full moon! Uh huh it’s raining! Now dance! I shall have to do the nakey part in my head and in spirit–I’m in the city limits with an elderly highrise looking down at my front door. lol giggling at the thought of how stimulating and yet socially unacceptable that would be. Also found several home blessing craftings which are similar to the ones that I make up from my head. Spent time looking for two ingredients that I do not have and their uses and origins. Right back to that goddess. I don’t worship goddesses mutter mutter to self. Enjoy sound, I need to request a bit stronger rain to fill the jar now. 😉