Walktober (1)


I read Robin’s post entitled Walktober dates on her blog Breezes At Dawn.

I was and am still feeling disturbed and out of sorts emotionally, mentally, and physically from one of the children’s current bouts with mental and neurological differences. I thought and felt angst at missing walks and being able to have calm and peace and to attend to the little things that I love so much. I thought that I can do a Walktober, and then proceeded to make to much to large to handle with present situations. I ripped me to bits about how my walk around the back yard is NOT a walk. YES IT IS!!! #@#*^@$! I decided to take my idea of what is good enough to consider a walk and create what is more real. I made it really simple. If my feet move, it is a walk. If I can only walk 10 feet outside and sit down and notice for as long as I can, it’s a walk. My mind is still shouting, “NO, It is NOT!”

IMG06361 play bw

That mind is contributing to my feeling of lack of enjoyment in the life I have been dealt and is creating misery at the loss of the things that I love, rather than allowing my creative enthusiastic parts to do their thing and be really and truly glad for everything that is a ‘can do’.

The snarky part questioned, “Who will want to see images of the same small spot?”
The realistic part answered, “We write this blog only for us and not so many people view it and we don’t so much care, so stop it and just let us have a good time and a wee bit of that ‘challenge’ that Robin tends to do, so that she might smirk at the humor that I might need to do it to get me through a day.”


Dear Robin, I do not really think that you will smirk, though it is very very funny that I wonder if a small and attainable string of goals that are easy to achieve might be helpful! 😛 Love, E.

I went right out intending to do the walk that the snarky bit called a walk, however I had to get equipment for my breathing machine instead. I did have to walk back through the property. It is an old farm property, that now has businesses in all of the buildings. I actually know the family that owned and grew up on the farm. The following images are what I saw. I have also walked around Wegman’s Parking lot (it’s huge) 4 times on two other days, with no pictures taken and I spent an afternoon trekking across a college campus trying to help my other child navigate some snags. I have also noticed myself pacing the house and walking up and down the stairs while I am busy or waiting, or fretting. If my point is activity, then activity is also increased. I am pleased to report that a feeling of restlessness when I have been still is starting to occur. I am also annoyed by it, it’s an ungrounded anxious feeling. I am talking to that ickier feeling and telling it that a walk and then a moment of grounding is nice. Maybe a fix it or not. I shall have to wait and see.

IMG06369 play bw

11 thoughts on “Walktober (1)

  1. 😀 You made me smile a big smile, Elisa. A string of small but attainable goals is really all there is, I think, no matter how big the picture might be. (Still, I wonder if I’m a little crazy with challenges!) I bet you didn’t know that a lot of the walks I take involve no more than a few steps out the door, especially on cold, windy, and/or rainy days. And as for who wants to see images of the same spot, me! me!! 🙂


  2. Even when your feet are still, your eyes wander and your mind walks the route that your eyes follow. 🙂
    Lean back, relax, and let your mind wander as far as your eyes can see.
    Playing with my camera has shown me that my eyes see so much more when my mind walks with them. 🙂


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  4. A walk around the backyard is FOR SURE a real walk! And even though you think you’ve photographed all there is to photograph, it is almost always slightly different. There are new things you notice and share with others each walk, no matter how short or how confined! I enjoyed this walk! Thank you for sharing ! (I’m here from Robin’s blog.)


    • Thanks for you visit and for the time for your thoughts and reflections. I appreciate them. I am still not used to nor good at comments. I am glad that I found them all today!


  5. I loved this! It helps me to not feel so bad for not taking a nice long walk. I took a baby walk but then felt it wasn’t adequate for a Walktober so I ended up not writing the post. But that will change. I had already decided I would post about why my Walktober didn’t happen but I guess it did…I just have to allow myself to view it as such!


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