Ranting about Feeling Abused

I have not been posting. I feel abused. I think I am literally being abused too, aside from the feeling. The things that I want to focus upon, the things that are my passion become lackluster and trite at such times. I get angry about this, as expression to me, is surviving, and then I loop right back around to feeling abused.

I just had a very angry thought about anyone calling me or using the word victim. I swear I will hit anyone who does with something that creates large amounts of physical distress. A person, that through no fault of their own, is also forced by society to feel like a whiny victim if they can’t take it. This forces the person to shut up and not get the assistance that the person might need. What about asking me(or said victim) if he or she might like some help. And then follow through on the offer–even if it conflicts with some internal register of emotions and situations to avoid. Please forgive me there, if I created some abuse of my own. My street is buried under so much shit, that it is becoming very difficult to tell which is my shit, to be cleaned and which belongs to someone else. That belonging to someone else category is a right bitch. I can work my hardest and my best to have the life that I desire–really and not from some crap from a book, and when others in my life are abusive I am stuck with their consequences. This is beyond cruel and I feel powerless to do anything about it.

I twist and I turn trying to do the right thing and accept responsibility for my own reacting, my own fear, my own appeasing–efforts to be myself no matter what, and in so doing I believe that in some ways the abuser(s) are alleviated of responsibility. I feel fear not knowing if the abuse is a concious choice, which would make it simpler for me to make a decision or if it is wrapped within mental and neurological disorder, and the abuser cannot notice that they are doing it. Everyone has a rather vicious opinion on it. They love to share it. The load then just gets heavier. I am not doing it right, again. (please share your thoughts, I think it’s just part of the cycle and I vaguely recall that sharing and getting feedback DO help at some point)

How does a person who has been severely abused in the past NOT view life on life’s terms as abuse? Who defines what abuse is? Is the feeling of being buried a maladaptive reactionary thing from the past that is skewing the view now? If my last question has a yes answer, that will mean I lie down and swallow until I can swallow no more and I wish to cease this existence. I remember, when I was very small and growing up a defiant voice from my middle that would shout when feeling a need not to exist. “Why should I put you all out of your misery!? I will not give you what you want!”

I do not want to be my age coming along as I have, enduring all that I have and having given up all that I have for my children to have to endure abuse like this. I do not know what the next right thing is. If I do know, it just doesn’t seem right, and I keep waiting so that I do not cause injury, harm, or unforeseen consequences to humans unequipped to realize nor to understand them.

The sun is out the sky is one of my favorite shades of blue. The breeze is cold, invigorating. I am looking in at it from the chair at the computer, trapped on this side of the glass. I even resent having to miss such glories to think about it. My writing is an attempt to share this part of my daily inventory with other human beings, to see what might occur. It is too hard to tarnish that good outside of the window with these quivers and tears and shakes of fear and anger. So the last things I have that are good and that never let me down, are also being stolen away. I am in tears.

6 thoughts on “Ranting about Feeling Abused

  1. I have read this post at least 3 times now. I wish that I had some words of wisdom but they are not forthcoming. There is too much here that could be me. The ranting helps, I know. Wishing you wisdom to make the right decisions for you, as I struggle to do. One day at a time.


    • The ranting did help, does help. Sometimes in my trying to make it all right and to fix it, I forget that if all else fails, if I share a thing with just one other human being and my higher power I am not alone. I can think more clearly when one day at a time is just too much time. A friend wrote a post about tea. It reminded me that when I have my tea and I am in a good space, I notice one small detail at a time and that detail is in better proportion to me and to everything else. So…for now I’ll do one sip–of tea, at a time. Thank you for letting me know that you saw me share.

      ps. I think that beating me up over not having words of wisdom, in a situation where there just aren’t any hasn’t been helping me. Thank you for letting me see this in your comment. You offer kindness to me when I could not offer it to myself.


  2. I came across the link to get here today and am now following this blog. I have read this particular one as it is the most recent. I think that it is good to express these feelings. I know that your connection with Nature is important and centering. When I am out in Nature everything artificial falls away and Life itself seems to make a lot more sense.

    As to your ?s – “How does a person who has been severely abused in the past NOT view life on life’s terms as abuse? Who defines what abuse is? Is the feeling of being buried a maladaptive reactionary thing from the past that is skewing the view now?”

    The past is not today. I think the one experiencing the abuse is the one who defines it for their own self. If you feel “abused”, then you are. But what do you do about that ? “Being buried” as in deep within the self ? Wanting to get out ? Shouting and ranting its way out in this blog ? Perhaps.


  3. Oh, now I am feeling a prickle of tears feeling what you may have been feeling. Wondering about the scars of having been abused and how painful it must be to sit with those feelings without running away or acting out. Have been sitting with a lot of painful (who knows, repressed?) feelings the last couple of days. For some reason it’s getting easier to be present with pain as the months go by, but not always. I remember a day when the only option seemed to be to try to get rid of the pain. Sorry if I am not addressing this directly. Just wanted to let you know am sitting with this a bit.


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