The REAL Start of This Year’s Garden

E's Garden Glories

I have not been in physical shape this year to be doing much of anything.  I have been worried and fretting and afraid of losing my plot, of not having food ect. ect.  Yesterday, I was able to get my son to go with me to the weed plot and the pitiful 4 inch yellow-droopy leaved bean plant area.  He took the advice of one of the 84 year old garden neighbors and got the shovel in and then shifted it a few inches to do it again.  I am so glad that she was walking by, as she was right this was the best method for getting the plot area all cleared and he had not been able to listen to me nor to take action on my words.  He worked very hard and we (mostly he) got out all of the dead broccoli and cauliflower(it made tiny veggies…

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