Finally Got Combination to Shed and Put in Beans and Zucchini

E's Garden Glories

I just got back from weeding and turning the plot (again).  Z did most of it for me, shoulder still not permitting what I’d like, though there is improvement in ROM.  I put in the one small, still potted zucchini plant that has had two blooms upon it, tiny as the plant still is from lack of space to root and to grow leaves.  I am hoping that it will still be able to produce.  I only got one this year so that no food would be wasted.  I got in eight bush bean plants too.  Two of the broccoli plants went to seed, another is producing a nice tight tiny head.  The cauliflower and the other broccoli need to be watered much more then they have been, everything would do with fertilization.  Hopefully it is not too late to catch up, as now I can use the hose for…

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