Energy, Hands, and Enthusiasm

The thoughts coming to me this morning (or maybe coming from me this morning) involve both a sort of fret over potentially being misunderstood. In working on the personal flaw of this behavior in this particular instance, I managed to move onward beyond the rapid fire input of information, and to manage to attempt to place it in message form–if indeed that is what it was meant to be. Message for me and perhaps message for the one that I think might not have ‘got it’. Communication situations become even more important to me if and when I see that someone may have taken a bit of information that was intended to be releasing and shifting, and instead, use it by some felt resonancy to further entrench self in an (from my own view at least) enriched form of maladaptivity.

I thought it not the best option for me to take my quiet morning moments and to squander them rushing me off into a high spin, which can happen with the input of information, so I chose to shift myself and slow a bit, to become LESS resistant, to simply let it move, and perhaps to comprehend later. I moved toward music and sound to do it. I haven’t posted a Morning Trip in quite some time. The sounds being offered to me by the computer offering matrix at Youtube were giving me offerings that for me, are energetic shit. I realized this morning that these offerings came because of the listening choices that I had made that I thought felt good and ok. In fact, listening now, they were attempts to fend off what was at the time a constant bombardment of what was not ok. The tones didn’t match, they grated, they had rolling frequencies and were unstable. Very ungrounding for self and for others who do not get the message and let go of me(usually when I am working). The energy just doesn’t or cannot attach.

I spend a good amount of time disliking and clearing me and the room. I was still thinking about energy and how some believe and, perhaps are encouraged to believe, that sucking in all energy all of the time is great, and it is morally, ethically, and energetically sound practice. I recalled again what I learned how to feel for myself, due to an old friend who put up with my demanding to feeeel it, so that I could understand it and to know it for myself, show me, let me feel it, become it! Grounding! Before everything and anything else besides living and breathing, though done even in and excellently with just a simple breath. Human balance, optimization, everything after grounding a conscious choice again and again and again. It is rare that I see anyone talk of this, teaching this. Instead there is a system of commmercialism going along with it..MORE IS BETTER, YOU NEED MORE, WITH THIS (insert new improved fancier richer product or gadget here) YOU WILL BE BETTER, MORE THAN, CLOSER TO ENOUGH. The reader might be able to tell that I do not agree. I think that there does not need to be agreement as, much like a child who thinks it can eat container after container of candy, even with admonishment that said child will become ill, it can take repeated episodes of vomiting for the child to associate the consequence with his or her actions.

I will leave you for today and continue another time with this article–some of its bits I can agree with, some I do not, and some I view as true, and some not for me in my own experience. It addresses points which have to do with hands and energy, which to some equates with thriving, enthusiasm and physical vigor. For some of these same I would like to shift perspective there a little and perhaps attempt to assist in an understanding of how to monitor one’s energetic status from within, one’s external physical energetic space, and what one might do with them. It is also important (from my view) that one understands what one’s doing and one’s choices cause effect like ripples. I have seen the urge and the brightness that comes to the individual when one realizes that one might play with energy. Many call this healing, but decide for self what is best without being able to see all that came before and all that will come after what seems like a harmless action. Here is the link to the article: Subtle Body Energies: Hands: Energy Transmitters

Edit: I also decided not to worry while writing and even posting about sense. That is not to say that sense is not important, it simply impedes my own expression and can get in the way of the message. I will read and edit as I notice a need. I often think in pictures that move at the speed of old movie images that can be so quick that I only get a flash of color. My brain understands what it is, though can get jammed up organizing an output that is slow enough to make it out of my body through my voice or my hands. I spend a lot of time silent due to worrying that a thing will sound jumbled and uneducated. That part is insecure and finding a way to express and then making it cohesive might be the better way.