7 thoughts on “Instinct

    • Well, before the day that you asked, I was doing pretty well. Just not creative, dealing with graduation and getting Z squared away for college. J’s job shifted a lot so I am missing him terribly (this can affect so many things!) And mental health issues (of others) impeding upon my peace. I think that I simply refuse to accept that after all of my life that I do not get to have a wee bit of peace and space that if I cannot be acknowledged, that I can exist in a place that I can perceive as safe and as calm. I’m also doing PT for my shoulder which is flaring all sorts of health issues, so I feel sick and grumpy. Woo!! Isn’t that lovely sounding?!?! (Looking on what I just wrote I am thinking ewwww….get away from that person until they are better.–I suppose I am not being or feeling very nice about myself either.

      In a general way, I have a home, I have enough food(really and not just in a reframed way). My health while debilitated isn’t going to cause my death–that I know of, so there is room for improvement! I have been giving up my morning computer/blog time to get to the Tree Place just after 6 to avoid some of the mental health issues that come at me as abuse, so that part is very important to my peace. I probably said more than you wanted to know and it is all some of the real. I thank you for asking, it’s very kind of you. (I just prayed and screamed the other day at God, that someone somewhere might consider that I’m horrid and that I have needs too…how I’m tired of sucking it up and holding it together when others don’t give a #^@&#! Suppose I will have to apologize now for not noticing or looking hard enough for the things that I think that I want.) I will want to be knowing how you are, as soon as I am able to look outside of my tiny circle that at the moment feels like half of the entire world! I wish you well Kathy!


      • Sitting with you for a few minutes and feeling what it might feel like not to have peace & acknowledgment for many days in a row. I wish that for you, Elisa. Thank you for answering. Blessings…


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