8 thoughts on “Thinking of…

  1. This is a unique and different view, Elisa.

    Well, I’m off for a while…heading downstate soon for my dad’s birthday celebration. See you in a while!


    • Oh I hope that you have a safe and a content trip. The view had me thinking of Georgia O’Keeffe. I have liked reading about her comings and goings with Ansel and others that I also like.


      • I do like her work when I encounter it. Have been listening to Leonard Cohen this week. Do you like him? I don’t usually listen to a lot of music, but now am getting free music through Prime on the Kindle Fire and am listening. Wow.


        • If he is the fellow with the rather gravelly scratchy sounding voice(to me) then I think that I have yet to really find one that I do care for. But, I am horrrrrid at recalling titles and singers and forget trying to keep them together. If you have the time, perhaps the name of one you like, so that I can listen to a wee bit of your personal taste expression. Will it help me to know you better?


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