An Interesting Take (or Refusal) on Gratitude

Noticing Nature

I was just
how I used to notice things
how part of my route to being sober
and learning to pay attention to myself
and where I was
involved daily running gratitude in a permanent and in a shared form
this was an excellent suggestion, at the time, for me because I had no reasonable boundaries
I was wondering
all of yesterday
and all of the night
if I might try this tool again
I wondered if it was about noticing for me
or perhaps, again, perception
noticing what is really present
noticing what I really feel
when any thing occurs (or does not occur)

An answer to part of this came yesterday in a mother’s post that involved the words denial, that involved the word reframing and that discussed the issues around both things. I am of late feeling like an escapist, even when smiling for a…

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One thought on “An Interesting Take (or Refusal) on Gratitude

  1. This came on the heels of the current learning curve (does a curve have heels?)
    I am not endorsing the view of the video, just considering the message, it’s INPUT!

    Thanks Resonant Enigma for posting it. It took me until today to finally click on the video. I am glad that I did and I am glad that I waited until the nudge to do so, today.


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