Sweet Nesting Thyme in the Kitchen

I’ve been taking care of life on life’s terms and doing small things that please me.

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I found this sweet sugar bowl and tea plate that felt so right that I didn’t pass it up. The little plastic bowl thing that I was using is still functional, though the plastic bothers me. It has served me well for twenty years! I think that I paid $5 for a set of six nesting canister bins all those years ago. The bowl and plate were interesting and made me smile. They add a dainty feeling to the consideration of each cup of tea. The lid has a different and very satisfactory clink than the tinkle of placing a sugar spoon across the plate. I found a teeny-tiny stained up and ancient Revere-ware pot so that I might sing to my water and feel it roiling forth from the bottom of the pan, reminding me to allow grounding energy to do the same from the bottoms of my feet. In paying attention to these things, I have become more aware of the sound and the feeling of my morning bare feet crossing the floor–even slowing down to feel each small muscle movement of foot and of toe. The beautiful wicker mat under the tea things on the top of the microwave came at a negotiated price, as it was a broken lid that someone had hidden, rather than admit to breaking a store product. I offered a price for it et voila!!! Texture and tea mat for me.

I am also well pleased that the copper bottom of the pot came bright and clean with lemon, salt, and a light rub and that my total cost for Sweet Nesting was under $5!!! I enjoy watching the Thyme growing on the windowsill next to where I enjoy my tea. I think that I feel best when I am grounded, especially in the kitchen. Life, Change, and Creation exemplified.

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Nesting Thyme in the Kitchen

  1. I felt calm reading this. “Nesting thyme” sounds so grounding. I’ve been enjoying take photos again, Elisa! Haven’t enjoyed this (except in small doses) for almost two years. Wondering if it will last, and then thinking who cares if it lasts another day or month or two months? It’s what is happening now. Do not like conversing on my blog any more. That was so important for so long, but now it feels like obligation. It makes me not want to blog at all. OK, just some random thoughts. Having friends over for dinner and must clean house. Any plans this memorial day weekend or shall you simply nest like the thyme?


    • I could call it nesting, yes. No plans, I sort of tried to have them and I just got very angry and used up the few of my decent feeling health moments screaming in anger that other things came first and I wasted them. It is sunny right now. I think I will take a chair outside and enjoy the light and the breeze–trying not to think about enjoying until someone else’s mental health moments take something away from me. whacks head on keyboard 😛


    • My time seems to go however I wish it. (scowls) …though, sometimes I feel like I have been waiting too long..and I might have a fit. I haven’t figured a way of re-framing waiting 😀 (ooooo how quickly I add….YET, I have yet…)


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