Cauliflower and Broccoli Planted

E's Garden Glories

I pulled out the few weeds that had begun to grow in the tilled soil, though mostly through the fence.  I might plant the zinnias back there.  Perhaps they might choke out the weeds.  The dirt has stayed nicely light and unpacked.  It was much much simpler to turn with only my tiny mighty shovel!  I planted the cauliflower and the broccoli, four each, I think.  I forgot to make a post on the actual day of planting.  I planted on Thursday last.  May 8, I believe.  I have been to see how they are faring and I am glad to see they are staying firm and filled out.  They seem MUCH happier in the ground than in the nursery packs.  I have to hope that the yellow bottom leaves was from malnutrition, rather than a fungal/bacterial nasty.  I would like to go back this week and put in the…

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