Beltane and Grounding, Grounding and Beltane

Noticing Nature

I am looking out at peeking yellow light spreading across drips and drops dangling from delicate branches and electric green grass. I am considering Beltane and deciding on grounding. Beautiful storms. Energy building. Energy releasing. Energy converting and changing form. Moving and still. A life that is not life…as demanded. Listening. Feeling. Being.

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Morning Trip (122)

“…It’s like a villanelle, this inclination of going back to events in our past, the way the villanelle’s form refuses to move forward in linear development, circling instead at those familiar moments of emotion. Only the rereading counts Nabokov said. So the strange form of that belfry, turning onto itself again and again, felt familiar to me. For we live with those retrievals from childhood that coalesce and echo throughout our lives, the way shattered pieces of glass in a kaleidoscope reappear in new forms and are songlike in their refrains and rhymes, making up a single monologue. We live permanently in the recurrence of our own stories, whatever story we tell….”
–Michael Ondaatje, Divisadero p. 136