OOps! Three or Four Days Ago the Basil Seeds Were Planted

Quandaries in life nearly always seem of equal import and seriousness. Considering the overall quality of life on life’s terms and noting many of the differences.

E's Garden Glories

Oh, I forgot to put in a post so that I could tell how long it would take for the seeds to come up!  Rolling my eyes at myself for caring.  As if somehow by my counting and noting the seed packet directions, the seeds would grow by my demanding desires, rather than growing–or not, by the Grand Design. 

I would like to have a way of recalling about how long it does take, so that future garden planning is most efficient in both time and in space.  Though I am thinking that perhaps simply keeping the herbs in the pots might be better.  I shall see as I go along. 

No signs of sprout yet.  I have been frowning a bit at the dirt where they live.  It keeps drying out, they are only planted 1/4 inch below the surface.  I am wondering if I need to saran wrap…

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