Cool plantings, Basil and a Shift in the Weather from mid-70 to freezing and below!

E's Garden Glories

Gosh it is still ever so warm here!  Above 70, even approaching a muggy feeling this morning.  I drove out to Snyders to search for early crops to transplant and to peruse the organic seed selections.  I was very excited to see cauliflower and broccoli packs.  I got one pack of each.  YUM!  My stomach is growling and the mouth is salivating just recalling the tasty success of last season.  I also grabbed a pack of Italian Large Leaf Basil.  The package says it’s an heirloom variety from <i>Botanical Interests</i>–I was told today by one of the nursery owner’s that it is one of few brands not owned or flowing forth from what she called the nasty M company.  I frowned and I guessed and she said, “Yep!”  That, to me, is a bonus.

I wanted very much to plant peas and the tranplants today!  My friend J asked me…

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