Group Garden Opening Day! and Yes! I CAN use a rototiller…

Smiling at small and productive moments of ability!

E's Garden Glories

Today was Community Garden Opening Day beautification project.  Many of the gardeners met, paid and did basic winter clean-up and Spring ground preparation.  When I got there, I was very excited to see that someone had edged all of the ground plots.  A NICE DEEP EDGE!!  It’s an excellent 81 degrees today!  I was not really prepared for such a shift and the body is revolting a bit.  SOB and supreme swelling.  I often forget how careful that I have to be with salt.  I WAS able to use the little rototiller to do my entire plot within minutes!!  I will go back this week when the morning is cool–they are forecasting frost and snow later this week, and sift through for roots, rocks, and rotten weed bits.  I will plant radishes, peas, and beets.  I will locate some sticks and twine to run for pole beans.  I will seed…

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