No Shortcuts to the Throat Chakra

Noticing Nature




BUT I WANT TO GO RIGHT THERE!!! Yes, of course there is a stamp.

Yes dear and that stamp connects you to the ground, at the beginning, the dirt at the base…

Just wait a moment while I glare and then snarl at you…oh stoppit I do not want to laugh!

Yes dear but your angries tickle like a million feathers.


Okay. Now push play and get to work. Sit. For as long as is necessary. If you feel busy, you are not done yet. If you feel rushed you are not done yet. If you absolutely MUST stop, you will sit and begin again. You know I love you dear!

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Morning Trip (119)

“As far back as I can remember, things seen or heard or smelled, things tasted or touched, have provoked in me an answering vibration. The stimulus might be the sheen of moonlight on the needles of a white pine, or the iridescent glimmer on a dragonfly’s tail, or the lean silhouette of a ladder-back chair, or the glaze on a hand-thrown pot. It might be bird song or a Bach cantata or the purl of water over stone. It might be a line of poetry, the outline of a cheek, the arch of a ceiling, the savor of bread, the sway of a bough or a bow. The provocation might be as grand as a mountain sunrise or as humble as an icicle’s jeweled tip, yet in each case a familiar surge of gratitude and wonder wells up in me.

Now and again some voice raised on the stairs leading to my study, some passage of music, some noise from the street, will stir a sympathetic thrum from the strings of the guitar that tilts against the wall behind my door. Just so, over and over again, impulses from the world stir a responsive chord in me — not just any chord, but a particular one, combining notes of elegance, exhilaration, simplicity, and awe.”

— Scott Russell Sanders, Hunting for Hope