Noticing Nature

This morning I wasn’t feeling as awake as I am used to feeling in the morning. Until a post called “I AM by Tom Shadyac…”. It comes from a site called Resonant Enigma, that I have on the section entitled It Happened On My Front Stoop at my blog, Elisa’s Spot. I thank him for, what so far is, the experience of the day. Here follows the full-length video.

OOPs!! This full length video seems to vanish and then move to another rather elusive space. For now, here is a place where it can be seen:

Watch I Am–click me I am a link.

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Morning Trip (115)

“Perception of the beautiful is accompanied by that curious feeling of intellectual fullness through which we seem to be swollen with a superior knowledge of the object contemplated, and which nevertheless leaves us powerless to express it and to possess it by our ideas and make it the object of scientific analysis.”
–Jacques Maritain, Art and Scholasticism
Translated by J.W. Evans

Read the remainder of the text here: Jacques Maritain Center