3 thoughts on “Marriage of Exogeny and Endogeny

    • I had to sit and to think about your own thoughts about it. I wonder if dance is equal to battle?!

      I was sitting here this morning and the words…the exogeny of guilt popped into my head. I kept thinking of personal inventories and what can happen when personal interests and the expression of personality are oppressed(by the self or by those on the outside of the self)

      The image had me thinking of those things oppressed that ooze out sideways, normally at times when society would view them as improper–again not giving the self unclouded reign to understand and to choose. I also thought of marriage, in its traditional meaning and how much each gives up in an effort to be self OR in an effort to allow the other to be a self. It gets very cloudy which is what and how to do the right thing as often as is possible–this rightness, to me would be to allow unobstructed expression and action of the other party in any relationship exchange, however, this does not come back to me. (I am sure that it does, it just doesn’t have a blaring sign upon it–which are then the moments that I trod upon others.) Guilt sucks. I believe that many have learned to believe that conscience and guilt to both be identical motivators to conform to expectations. I do not find this to be true.

      This image too, literally suits the name as such fungi and mushrooms do occur in both manners, though this specimen is from a group of images taken for you daughter’s senior project. Shitake mushrooms grown at a family friend’s organic CSA.


      • Dance could be equal to battle. Or it could be a marriage, a give-and-take, one person leading, then the next. It’s interesting. I wrote a blog early today about the “shoulds”. Not sure if I should publish it, ha ha ha. Perhaps a little along the lines of your own thinking today.


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