8 thoughts on “Gates At Sun’s Edge

    • Thanks Kathy! I am having so much inspiration and excitement today that I think it has finally overloaded me but if I withdraw I might MISS SOMETHING!!! American Bloomsbury was at the local library and I think that I marked for quote list and investigations list some ten paper tags and notes in the first 25 pages. sighs with happitude


    • mmmm heat!!

      I think I am having an orange period. I am frowning at me a bit about this as I definitely don’t feeel orange. Ok maybe I do. What color am I today elisa?! ha no slowing down to look


        • I am shaking in my socks this morning. I dropped of my son with his sister and left him overnight at her college. He’s shaking hands and greeting people very well but…well he’s overloaded and she said he bounded and jumped on the floor (above some other researching student) all night long. He also refused to get a drink and couldn’t sit long enough to eat. He was to stay till Saturday, but she asked me to get him today. Ah! He did pretty well for one day. He is admitted there in the fall. Needed some way to see if he could manage it.

          Any color I want pfffffffffffftttttttt.


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