Discovering Elbert Hubbard

Noticing Nature

This afternoon, while I was feeling trapped in waiting for others to do things for themselves–instead of I for them, I began to move through my browser bookmarks. My heart and feeling wasn’t really into doing so. I became a bit more interested after finding that some blogs that had gone idle, blogs that I liked very much, had again become active! The pleased momentum of stimulating input led me to change the theme for one of my food blogs, to provide an index, and to categorize it.

I like feeling productive. Even more, I like being productive and feeling creative and engaged all at the same time. I decided to continue by clearing out my media bookmarks. I ran across a PBS sourced link for Elbert Hubbard. I frowned a bit and thought to myself, “Who is that and why did you bookmark it?” I shrugged and I clicked…

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