Peaceableness and The Dance

Noticing Nature

This morning’s noticing comes first with sound.

Then follows to Hermit’s Thatch a writing entitled Peaceableness only a tiny snippet follows in all honor and respect to the author, please follow the link to the full piece.

“…The peaceful person is vilified by society because society is perpetual conflict, in a state of turmoil and struggle, adversarial and warlike. The face of society is at most seen to foster competition, entrepreneurial wiles, an optimism invested in the system, but its means and ends are incompatible with the creation of a peaceable person and a peaceful society….”
Peaceableness, Hermit’s Thatch

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6 thoughts on “Peaceableness and The Dance

  1. ack!! I dislike that the video doesn’t also reblog. I cannot figure out how to correct it. I can’t get it to allow me to apply it again inside the edit. Here it is, in the comments.


  2. In the middle of the night last night my thoughts kept struggling with something, trying to find resolution. No resolution appeared, although a few insights accompanied the struggle. I thought how Mary O’Malley said that our chief compulsion is struggle.


    • and what if you were directed to think and to notice about struggle, thus looking for a resolution for a struggle that only materialized due to the suggestion?

      I really dislike spinning. Kevin used to say, “Oh, well then just sit down.”
      At the beginning I just wanted to smack him with my shoe. Now it makes me giggle, even in what feels like the worst of life on life’s terms. Sometimes I can even sit!


      • Exactly what the struggle was about–whether I was being directed to think and notice about struggle. Good one, Elisa! Smiling about the “Oh, well then just sit down.” Could be some darned good advice!


        • 😀

          kathy…i’ve been…..thinking, we’ll call it thinking uh huh thinking. I would like you to place upon your table beside some representation of food, real fruit would be helpful an empty basket. It would be even more helpful if the vessel that has food and the empty vessel where held on a tray, something defining of edges. I have been thinking of money crashing through the ceiling into the empty basket, overflowing…I quickly modified this! A hole in the roof would just suck!! If you would humor me with the arrangement I will see what I can do (if anything, disclaimer no promises, good wishes at minimum 😀 )
          I will than dance about the bowl and do what I do, or don’t do. 😉


          • As we are now looking at another $500 auto repair, I am willing for the Universe to work its magic. (It already has been working a bit.) The only deal is that I will be picturing your abundance when I see the empty basket. And we won’t have fruit until tomorrow! Your kind generosity is warming my spirit. Bless you, Elisa.


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