6 thoughts on “Sharp White

  1. Oh how lovely. A bouquet at the darkest time of year. Boy, 53 degrees? You have it warm! K said it’s going to be 66 in NYC today. That’s crazy. I really enjoyed taking the camera out yesterday and photographing the apples. I don’t like taking pictures at all until the sudden moment that I do. It is impossible to describe this to anyone. Do you understand?


    • Yes! And I use my hands for energy work or simply to be free and I feel thwarted if I must carry the heavy thing–that I appreciate SO much when I’m in photography mode, along when my intent was something else. My instant moments can be so demanding or letting down if I don’t plan for them and then I get annoyed at having to plan. Ha, go figure. The best I have figured to manage is to go with the morning tingle and to pack the stuff into a bag so that if I should see great things, I can come back to the car.


      • I think you like it a bit more than me. You are so much more visually attuned. I am always puzzled when others like my pictures. There is nothing here that takes it personally. The ego takes so much that I write personally–but very rarely takes credit for a photo. Strange….


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