Smaller Starts

Purple Shoe Photography

Smaller Starts copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 and 2013 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
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5 thoughts on “Smaller Starts

  1. Am thinking that flowers seem a long, long time ago. Now it’s only white and stark and cold. Very cold. Perhaps flowers only exist in another dream, or perhaps only in blogs.


    • 😀 Hey, I’m still gardening!! I repotted teh outside herbs thyme and rosemary into their inside winter home pots. I had some farmer’s market basil tops that I kept in water until I could use them and I got hydroponic basil. I planted that into dirt yesterday too. I cut back and harvested the mini-brown eyed susans since the tops had a nice freeze, perhaps I can grow some more from seed before next Spring. I found a hidden set of green leaves and an up and coming bloom, right under the window where I sit at the computer. It will be amusing should it bloom in ice and in snow. The salad greens are still triumphantly producing, albeit much more slowly. Who would have thought they’d be ice and snow hardier than collards!! Radishes are still growing but they froze in the ground, I can’t get them out!


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