Morning Trip (114)

“Sun-bleached bones were most wonderful against the blue – that blue that will always be there as it is now after all man’s destruction is finished.”
–Georgia O’Keeffe

“We are more than just flesh and bones. There’s a certain spiritual nature and something of the mind that we can’t measure. We can’t find it. With all our sophisticated equipment, we cannot monitor or define it, and yet it’s there.”
–Benjamin Carson

Destruction into Creation. No matter the feeling or literal, making and unmaking, and making of the unmade.

10 thoughts on “Morning Trip (114)

  1. Amazing blue music, thoughts, feelings. Just last week I was ready to quit taking photos for good. Felt buoyed, totally in love with writing, like a passionate love affair! Last night decided would quit writing and just post photos daily. I remember when life used to be more predictable. When a personality was a more predictable thing. Now the only thing that’s predictable is no-thingness and I can’t find that half the time. Life is such a joke! (Except when it’s not.)


          • I think that sometime I would like to hear more about your meaning of the concept of mind. I consider that people who follow mass whojiwatzitz about what mind is and what one ought to do and to feel about it, well they have been duped. Perhaps not on purpose, perhaps because the individual answers to my requests to hear your own meaning of the word/concept was not written down–or commercialized. I’m frowning at my comment. I generally just look at what I ponder over this concept and have things put onto that pondering shelf. Organizing it can seem onerous and accidentally bumps up against some of that commercial stuff that I sound militant or harsh or too short with my choices of words. I have not been able to determine if it is much like trying to tell 4 sighted persons and one blind one in a circle the word Red, and having them all flash and share that identity in that moment so as to even be able to attempt to understand–understanding is an entire other thing than being able to do the flash roflmao!! Maybe that is the Mind part that you meant, the part that takes in the raw data and ‘understands’ it and then interacts with it…maybe with expectations.


            • Elisa, I answered this sixteen times in my head, but can not find one easy sentence (or six) that will address all of this. So I am silent. If my Simply Here blog causes you more consternation that resonance, please do not read it, my friend. Toss it away! I have a need to write what I experience. Since none of it can be put into words–in facts words will necessarily be wrong–please gently nod and say goodbye and I shall meet you in places where we intersect.


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