Playing in the Clouds with J copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 and 2013 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
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4 thoughts on “Playing in the Clouds with J copyright

    • Kathy. I created it, I did not ‘paint’ it with brushes. I do not (maybe yet) have the skills. I played with an image and I then became determined to create the painting of the sky outside of the window, using the image. I wish that I knew how to work with paint like this on a knife, to build and to lighten, to give depth with deep blues and blacks. I worked for about an hour and then I lost it all, and I began again–it’s like a snowflake, they just weren’t the same. Spent an hour and a half on this one. I suppose, in my head, it is somehow less than, however I had no idea that I could create something like this and I am pleased with the gift of some way of expressing my feeling of it, in the place of true brushes and chemicals that I cannot be around. I’m still using the can’t word and it’s been giving me restless nightmares, though maybe that’s the prednisone steroid for the breathing stuffs.


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