She Has the Words that Speak for Me

Noticing Nature

I am really glad, that upon reading a blog post on Writing With Paper, that I got very excited and went off hoping to see the artist’s works. I am very glad that I got very annoyed not to see the works. Tenacity experienced an upsurge and I was rewarded with EXACTLY what I required, which(of course) was not exactly what I had planned.

As much as I write, and talk, and produce, I never quite feel as if who I am, is heard. I am not sure that heard is the right word (imagine me giggling and cackling here, as that is what I am doing now). Her words about the excitement over the kiln are how I see and act upon most things, if I do not feel restrained. It is really important that I know the difference between restraint from life on life’s terms–the type and…

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